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Sustainability is an issue of increasing concern in the global construction industry

10 Jul 2017

According to the results from a recent survey by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC), momentum is growing behind sustainable construction projects. Contractors cited increasing demand for sustainable solutions, while the majority of project owners revealed how sustainability is now among their top priorities when embarking on new projects.

According to the Timetric survey of over 250 participants in the global construction industry, including contractors, project owners, architects, surveyors and civil engineers, the growth of sustainable forms of construction is widely viewed as inevitable, with modern sustainable construction solutions increasingly becoming the norm in new projects. 


Respondents identified historical barriers that have slowed down the growth of sustainable construction, including a lack of financial incentives and supporting legislations from regulators; higher costs compared to traditional methods and mixed levels of client demand for new sustainable solutions. 


There is an ongoing shift in global construction practices towards more sustainable outcomes and client demand for sustainable solutions is expected to grow steadily over the next five years. 


Respondents stated that there has already been greater emphasis on recycling materials, reducing waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and participating in green certification schemes among construction companies. Contractors expect demand for sustainable solutions, such as renewable energy solutions and energy efficient projects, to experience the greatest surge in demand from clients.


Joe Sawyer, Analyst at Timetric CIC comments: ‘’Sustainable construction solutions such as renewable energy generation, sustainable materials and reduced waste are becoming increasingly mainstream in modern projects thanks to shifting client demand, government derived financial incentives and more comprehensive legislation surrounding the environmental impact of projects. Demonstrating sustainable credentials is of increased importance for contractors and construction firms, with the surge in membership of green bodies and use of certification schemes in new projects a clear demonstration of this. Firms that can offer sophisticated sustainable solutions are in a prime position to benefit from future growth in sustainability, however firms that ignore these developments and continue to favour traditional methods will find themselves increasingly irrelevant in the modern construction industry’’.  



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